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Hello Guys, Today you all were seeking that “How to transfer you data from Android to iPhone.” And here we had provided 3 methods to transfer your All Data either pictures, videos, documents or any other stuff. Because either you have purchase a new phone to transfer it or any reason. We had provided all the details regarding it. Read the complete article for the guarantee of it’s working.

As you all know that in Android iPhone there different operating systems which make it hard to transfer it & sometimes we transfer our data by some of software but some data is lost or it cannot completely transfer it. You have doubt that our data will completely transfer or not? Or what is the best way to transfer it? Don’t worry about that too much our tricks or methods were well assured and we shall provide you all the information regarding it. So let’s start…………………………

Method 1 : Transfer data from android to iphone [ 12 / 13 / 14 / 11 / XS / 8] with PC – USB & Wi-Fi Method

You can easily transfer you all data from Android from PC by using a USB or by Wi-Fi. And here are the steps to do it. Please follow the steps and if any issue came please contact us!

1. Connect your Android device with your PC with USB cable or over Wi-Fi.

2. Move your all precious data to your PC in a specific folder.

3. Now, disconnect your Android device & connect your iPhone[ any version ]

4. Now locate the folder where you transferred your Android data.

5. Copy/Cut to your iPhone storage folder.

6. And it’s complete. Your assured data is now on iPhone

Note: If somehow the Method 1 didn’t working on your device then don’t be afraid 2 other methods are remaining

Method 2 : Transfer data from Android to iPhone [ After Setup] with AnyTrans [Software Transfer] – USB Method

In this method we transfer the data with the help of software “AnyTrans” . This app is simply trusted by everyone and you can download it from clicking “Here . And after download it simple follow this steps:-

1. Launch AnyTrans software on your PC & connect with USB Cabel

2. Now got to  App> Choose “Phone Switcher” at the left panel > Click on “Phone to iPhone” mode.

3. Select the device from you wan to transfer and click “Next”.

4. After clicking “Next” an new interface will open and from which choose the files to transfer into iPhone.

5. And click “Next”. Transferring Started

Note: If somehow the Method 2 didn’t working on your device then don’t be afraid 1 other methods is remaining or you don’t have PC to tansfer data. Then next method is yours

Also Read: Transfer file from Android & iPhone to PC/Laptop/Mac

Method 3 : Transfer data from Android to iPhone [ Any Version] with MobileTrans App – Wireless Transfer

If you want to transfer your data from Android to iPhone without using your PC or Transfer data from Android to iPhone without USB cable or wireless transfer then this is the most suitable method in which you can transfer it from direct device to device. So’ please follow the steps carefully. You can download the app MobileTrans App from Play Store or App Store

1. Download the App. Confirm which is the source device and which one is receiving device.

2. Select the files you want to transfer.

3. Pair both the devices with Wi-Fi or QR Code as shown.

4. Wait for the Process to Complete


Does this methods transfer data from android to iPhone after setup.
– Yes

Can we transfer data from Android to iPhone without resetting
– Yes, by above 3 methods

Can we use these methods to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone
– Yes, these methods are allplicable on all Android devices.

Is it hard transferring from Android to iPhone?
– No, it will take hardly 30 Min. (Basis on your data)

What is the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone?
– MobileTrans App & Move to IOS

Can we transfer contacts from android to iPhone?
– Yes, follow above methods.

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