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Swiggy is one of India’s two biggest food conveyance stages and has likewise forayed into conveying food, meds, and practically some other items from dealer to purchaser. Established in 2014, the Bengaluru-based food conveyance application works in more than 100 urban communities in India. While making a Swiggy account just makes a couple of strides, it’s not as simple with regards to erasing your record. Swiggy doesn’t offer an immediate choice for clients to erase their records.

Likewise, you might be confronting different swiggy account issues and wish to dispose of one of them. All things considered, you can figure out How To Erase your Swiggy Record with the assistance of this article to dispose of pointless food conveyance applications on your versatile.

Swiggy conveys the food and even food to your home, however, you might decide to change to other comparative applications and sites for better client assistance or to take special care of your various necessities. All things considered, you might consider disposing of the superfluous applications from your portable and consider erasing the swiggy account for all time. All things considered, read this whole article, and ability you can make it happen.


How to Delete a Swiggy account?

You’ll need to demand that Swiggy support staff erase your record through an email to support@swiggy.in.

Add important contact subtleties, including your enrolled telephone number and email address in the email to guarantee that Swiggy has every one of the subtleties expected to handle your solicitation. We suggest sending this email utilizing your enlisted email address with Swiggy.

Here is a layout of the email you can ship off Swiggy to erase your record. You can duplicate it and add your subtleties.


Subject: Delete my Swiggy account permanently



I might want to erase my Swiggy account. Benevolently guide me through the cycle. Following are the fundamental subtleties to recognize my Swiggy account as well as to reach me on the off chance that you want additional subtleties.

Name: <Your Name in the Swiggy account>
Email address: <Your email in the Swiggy account>
Phone number: <Your phone number in the Swiggy account>

Thank you.


How to Deactivate a Swiggy account?

For Deactivating your swiggy account, you really want to email the solicitation to their customer care. You can draft a very organized email and send something similar to swiggy support for finishing the things at the earliest.


Swiggy client assistance helps your solicitation through interaction that will guarantee convenient work. You can get your records deactivated, actuated, and forever erased through swiggy mail support

You simply have to mail them to their email id.

An unpleasant layout or an example email has been drafted beneath for your reference to finishing the concerted activity for your record.

You can track down the layout above. Use it to demand the organization and mail your application.


How to delete Payment Details on Swiggy?

It is prudent not to save your installment subtleties like record numbers and a Mastercard or check card subtleties on the web. However, to save time on repeating orders, you keep your monetary data and saved money on your applications and records. In this way, you really want to know the technique to erase your own monetary data from the Swiggy account assuming that you intend to erase your application and record in the approaching time. Doing this will protect your monetary subtleties and individual certifications.

  • Open the Swiggy app on Android/iOS.
  • Click on the Accounts tab at the base right.
  • Then select the Payment and Refunds choice on the following page.
  • From the dropdown choices, click on Payment Modes.
  • On the following page, you’ll see all the saved installment subtleties.
  • Click on the Delete choice.
  • Then affirm by choosing Delete once more.

How to Delete Order History from Swiggy?

Swiggy is a food requesting application that is there to give you every one of the solaces at your home. It monitors your orders, installment, and exchanges to work with you with its client-arranged assistance. In any case, as you wish to erase your swiggy account or deactivate it, you may initially need to erase the request history.


Swiggy gives no choice but to erase the request history, however, you can in any case stow away or file it to make it inaccessible for view. You can document or conceal the request history in swiggy by following a few truly straightforward steps.

The steps to hide or archive the order history in Swiggy are as follows:

  1. Go to Swiggy Application
  2. log in to your Swiggy account
  3. Fill in your certifications with your login account subtleties like username, telephone number, passkey, and so forth.
  4. Go to the view orders area in the application in the right corner.
  5. Select the order you need to hide.
  6. You can hide/archive your chosen food order.
  7. The particular order will go to your archive area.

In like that, you can make your request concealed in your record. The stowing away of your orders will allow your orders to remain stowed away from your review. You can see your covered-up or documented orders in the file things area in the Swiggy application.


In this article, we’ve explained to you How to delete your Swiggy account? How to Deactivate Swiggy account and other queries related to that. 

If you have any questions/doubts regarding- How to delete Swiggy account? Feel free to ask in the comment box down below.
Thank You!

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